Stay in motion and bring the road indoors! Your bike, Your ride, Your Way!

It is in motion that we get a sense of control, improved health, and find freedom! GoRolz is designed to bring your outdoor bike riding experience, in your home.  The GoRolz experience evokes a feeling of freedom.  The tracking arms allow you to sway; as you move your legs, arms, back and core.  You control speed, steering and shifting of gears.  You define and perfect your riding experience! 

Star Exiner Walters – Triathlete

Twice the workout, half the time!

GoRolz has 7 advantages over competing products:

  1. GoRolz cycling continuously engages your mind and body – eliminating the boredom of  stationary trainers.
  2. No doorways, counters or props required to get you started. 
  3. Whether you are away, riding, or taking a brake, GoRolz keeps your bike on the roller.
  4. Easy to set up and no tools or assembly required – just take out of box and expand to your size bike.
  5. No tension knob, use bike high gears to build muscle strength and low gears for cardio workouts.
  6. The GoRolz ride provides real time feedback so you continuously improve your technique. 
  7. It can make you a winning cyclist!

No Assembly Required!

GoRolz comes complete out of the box; no assembly nor tools required!  It unfolds in 3 easy steps:

1.Lift red tracking arms, 2.Extend front of frame to size of bike and 3.Lock front roller to extend the band. 

Start training like a pro!”

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