Stay engaged during your cycle training, GoRolz!


Checkout the next generation indoor cycling.

Feel the difference – motion, balance, burn. Designed for serious cyclists and biking enthusiasts alike. GoRolz puts you in your element    

GoRolz puts you in your element...

· Shift gears

· Go hard. Go easy.

· Improve balance

· Maintain pedal stride

· Establish cadence

· Add sensors, use Swift

Twice the workout. Half the time!

Indoor bicycle trainer delivering:

·  A real biking feel 

·  High-performance results. 

·  Strengthen your core, arms, legs & back. 

·  Available 24/7 - Weather always permits!

Patented expert engineering

GoRolz in Action

Cycling - good for health & brain

GoRolz Ride

The key to brain function is engagement.  GoRolz's engages your brain in balancing, gear shifting, cadence, monitoring performance, enjoying your Zwift ride or competing with friends.  

Check out this link to Bike Monk... 

Donna Brin - Cycle trainer

I'm a serious cycle trainer because I want my clients to excel, not just in cycling, but in life.  One's discipline in training reflects one's discipline to succeed.  GoRolz is a serious cycle trainer, because it is not stationary. 

GoRolz discounts

GoRolz will be discounted 15% through June 1, 2018. Contact us a for details. 

GoRolz 2.0

GoRolz 2.0 is an upgrade to the current model.  It is easier to use and carry. 


Is GoRolz a stationary trainer?

   No, GoRolz is an attachment to your Cycle Roller. It allows you to ride your road bike on a roller with the freedom to balance, develop cadence, shift gears and control your bike. 

What makes GoRolz cycle training different?

   GoRolz engages all the muscles in your legs, arms, core and back. It also engages your brain; as it has to coordinate balance, control of the bike and autonomous muscle responses, It's far from boring. You can stop riding to take a call, text or change music without taking bicycle off the roller!

Can I track my performance with GoRolz?

   We recommend that you add Wahoo sensors to your bike and use Zwift on your smart phone to ride courses, join friends on virtual rides and track your performance. 

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