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GoRolz Twice the workout, half the time.

GoRolz gives you the core and endurance training you want in half the time of stationary cycle trainers.  10 Minutes on GoRolz is more strenuous than 20 minutes on a stationary trainer.  Add Wahoo sensors to your bike and use the Zwift App to track your riding performance.

Is GoRolz a stationary trainer?

No, GoRolz is an appliance that attaches to your cycle roller and allows you to ride your road bike with the freedom to balance, develop cadence, shift gears and control the bike as you ride.  

What makes GoRoz cycle training different?

GoRolz engages all the muscles in your legs, arms, core and back. It also engages your brain; as it has to coordinate balance, control of the bike and autonomous muscle responses, You can stop riding to take a call, text or change music without taking bicycle off the roller!

Come for a free class! Call us at 845-978-9343 EST or 972-312-0444 CST. 

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Riding is believing!  Come and see how easy it is to ride a roller.  Call Donna for for a demo at 845-527-7107.


9 Elm St, Walden, NY 12586