Your Bike. Your Ride. Your Way!

GoRolz the only cycle roller trainer that allows you to develop competitive cycling skills without the falling learning curve.  The GoRolz patented rear wheel tracking arms keep your bike on the roller while you perfect your ride.  This made in the USA cycle trainer will help you successfully compete or just make you incredibly fit. 

Twice the workout, half the time!

GoRolz is not a stationary trainer.  The ride is in your control…steering, balance, gear shifting, cadence, and speed.  You can stop any time without getting off the bike or roller.  With GoRolz you build your core, endurance, power, and mental strength.  GoRolz engages your whole body and mind, improving reflexes and agility while giving you twice the workout at half the time!

No Assembly Required!

GoRolz comes complete out of the box; no assembly nor tools required!  It unfolds in 3 easy steps:

1.Lift red tracking arms, 2.Extend front of frame to size of bike and 3.Lock front roller to extend the band. 

Start training like a pro!”

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