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GoRolz Stand

With GoRolz you can perfect your riding skills day or night, rain or snow, heat wave or cold spells!

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Kreitler Roller

Historically for the Elite cyclist, the Kreitler Roller is for all cyclists when you use it with GoRolz.

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GoRolz + Rollers

Get the GoRolz and the Kreitler 10″ or 15″ Roller package.

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Make the most out of GoRolz with our accessories and parts.

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The GoRolz bike trainer allows you to roller-train like the pros in a fraction of the time. Rather than taking valuable time trying to learn how to balance your bike on cylinders, our patent pending rear wheel mount securely holds the bike and rider in place. With GoRolz concentrate on training, you will not fall off the roller. Ride GoRolz and immediately begin improving skills, build core strength, speed, and endurance.

  • GoRolz helps develop elite cycle cadence. Cadence is the edge in cycling competition.

  • GoRolz requires active participation in balancing the bike while riding. Balancing engages the mind and body.

  • GoRolz's ride engages the core which strengthens and trims your abs.

  • GoRolz engages all your riding muscles developing endurance much quicker.

GoRolz offers instructor led training classes for Fitness Centers. GoRolz classes are more rigorous as the GoRolz engages all your muscles and attention. Contact us on 732-512-9009. Ask for Ray

GoRolz Debut at Bike NY 2017

Over 250 riders enjoyed the engaging ride of GoRolz trainer!

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