Base Unit


Colors:  Black frame and red tracking arms

Weight: 38 lbs

Product dimensions (extended): 2’x1.5’x5.5’

Raw Materials: US Steel

Made: Plano, TX USA

Cycling app: Any that sync to your bike sensors


The base unit is black frame with metallic red tracking arms.  They are powder coated USA steel, providing a lustrous long lasting non-corrosive paint coat.  Custom colors that match you bike are available upon request and for an additional fee.

The GoRolz, like all roller cycle trainers, is designed for 700 series road/street tires.  Once you place the rear wheel of your bike on the two rear rollers, the couplers will attach themselves to your bike skewer (inserted in axel).  A rear wheel skewer is included for your convenience.

GoRolz comes complete out of the box; no assembly nor tools required!  You unfold it in 3 steps:

  1. Lift red tracking arms,
  2. Extend front of frame to size of bike and
  3. Lock front roller to extend the band.